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Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva: Their Private Romance

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 @ 09:01 AM
Author: John Magnus


frances_Bean_cobain-2007withMomCourtneyLove on

Frances Bean Cobain, shown here in 2007 with her mother Courtney Love, is engaged to Isaiah Silva, frontman of the Rambles
Daughter of the late grunge god Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, is nineteen years old
and her fiancé, Isaiah Silva, frontman of rock band the Rambles is 26 years old.
Do you really think this is true love? From earlier reports Frances is not close
with her Mom, Courtney Love. It seems that if Courtney Love was in the picture
she would not let her teenage daughter get involved with a musician or would she???
Hope this guy is not marring Frances for her major money smells like teen spirit trust fund.
Can you say iron clad prenup for this guy is in order immediately