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The Bachelor Ben on ABCs TV show Review

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 @ 10:01 AM
Author: John Magnus

bachelor on ABC 2012 in

bachelor on ABC 2012 in

The Bachelor Ben on ABCs TV show the Bachelor, is more like Shaggy the dog.
Dude, comb your hair, get a decent hair cut to cover those big ears and maybe wash it.
This Ben guy obviously has issues, which I am sure will
come out from his previous ex-girlfriends in the trash magazines.
He has what Tyra Banks called Dead Eyes, but I see something worst. No personality.
When he thinks the girls are not looking he has this wierd no emotion look on his face and the show began.
Something is off with this guy and I dont like him.
The bachelor/bachelerette show has already jumped the shark
with uglier and uglier bachelorettes.
The pretty girls walk away and the ugly girls over stay their welcome.
Now they have a loser Bachelor Ben, who got money from his parents estate for some lame winery.
He’s nothing. I thought this show would be over when they
had that goofy Fat Bachelor with curly hair and all the busted
engagements. Also, we are on to the show purposely
bring totally crazy stalkerish emotionaly messed up women to bring the drama edge.
Here is to another downer show with girls who have major breakdown desperate issues.
Enjoy watching the train wreck with roses.

PS He was rude to the limo driver, did not say thank you when limo person opened door.
But he was really nice to the Grand Ma and he gets some points for that
Bachelor Ben Flajnik eliminates his first seven …

Quote,with our commentary, from one of girls from show number one on Monday, January 2, 2012
I’m ready to open my legs, I mean my life to someone else
I’ve been through some things in my, like for some reason (homegirl was divorced at 21)
I’m very open (aka She’s a total slut)

A)A girl bringing your grandma, may have been a good cute idea. Helps her to stand out
B)One girl has a huge Kentucky Derby hat
C) One girl road in on a horse. Thats right I said ‘horse’!
This should be fun