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This is your Place, where you can share stories, links, photos and videos. Your updates are visible to anyone who visits your Page, and people who like your Page will also see them in news feed.

It’s different from other sites because you can create as many articles, and audio uploads as you want. You are the power on this Dubeme. Users can also comment on items not only with text comment, but can reply with video upload, audio or image/picture response. Most people start by seeing what others have uploaded for review and adding text comments. Once you sign up via twitter, facebook, yahoo, google plus or other social media you can create/upload immediately. Your products, ideas or just sharing time will introduce you to potential site visitors on your blog, facebook or external sites, as well. Heres how to begin your fun and privileged journey:

To Upload Video and pictures:After Login-
Go to Dashboard>Quick Press>Upload/Insert- This allows upload of image and videos!!. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

…or something like this:

To Login or register via twitter, facebook, yahoo, google plus Go to any page> on the right side scroll down and click on Link= Login> Click on your social button link and add your login and password> You should see a Dashboard on left top and All Post link to browse what needs fixin and Your Reviews and opinions. To get back to the Home page click on top Link = Dubeme.com

…we are in New Beta so we will be adding new features very soon:

To Add an Avatar image for Login- Go to profile> Scroll down to “Avatar Upload”> Choose File button>Select Image>Click Update profile> See your avatar

As a new Dubeme user, you should go to your dashboard after login to check out items for your Review and Solutions to users issues with product, ideas, hotness meter or any situation. Have fun!

Please contact use anytime with any questions, feedback or suggestions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
We truly value your input
email: support@dubeme.com